Evaporator disinfection with UVC light: theory, practice and other considerations

An evaporator is a cold and humid environment, so in some situations it can be contaminated with micro-organisms. Cold-loving bacteria such as Listeria survive well in this cold and moist environment.

Limit legionella risks for wastewater treatment plants with UVC light

Between 2017 and 2019, it was established that wastewater treatment plants can spread Legionella via aerosols in the (outdoor) air.

Disinfecting cups, cups or buckets in the dairy industry

UVC disinfection is a good solution for disinfection of pre-formed cups right before filling in the dairy industry.

UVC light as an alternative to gamma radiation

Hygiene is of great importance when propagating plant material in vitro. For example, for the air, but the pre-formed cultivation trays or pots must also be as clean as possible.

UVC light for safe material transfer into high-care environments

In situations where raw materials or tools have to enter a high-care environment, a disinfection step is desired and sometimes required.

The importance of transmission value for water disinfection

Water and other liquids can be disinfected with UVC light. To choose a UVC system with the right capacity (lamp power), it is important to know the transmission value of the water or of the liquid.