Project: disinfection of airport trays with UVC light

During the 2020 pandemic, we developed an automated tray disinfection machine in collaboration with the Dutch company Havatec and the French company DETEKT'IN. The trays used on airports at customs checkpoints can be automatically unstacked, disinfected with UVC light and stacked.


UVC light is an effective, low temperature, chemical free disinfection method. For situations where the UV treatment has to be done in little time, Bioclimatic introduces the RIAM UVC module.

Koelband desinfectie

We have installed a customized UVC disinfection system in the spiral cooling tower for pizza dough for a long time customer. The stainless steel conveyor passes vertically along a number of UVC lamps in an aluminium housing.

Knowlegde: Evaporator disinfection with UVC light: theory, practice and other considerations

An evaporator is a cold and humid environment, so in some situations it can be contaminated with micro-organisms. Cold-loving bacteria such as Listeria survive well in this cold and moist environment.

Knowlegde: Limit legionella risks for wastewater treatment plants with UVC light

Between 2017 and 2019, it was established that wastewater treatment plants can spread Legionella via aerosols in the (outdoor) air.

Knowlegde: Disinfecting cups, cups or buckets in the dairy industry

UVC disinfection is a good solution for disinfection of pre-formed cups right before filling in the dairy industry.