Stay informed of all developments and possibilities regarding UVC disinfection and ionization.

Project Update: Renewal of UVC installation in hospital air handling

In a recent project, we replaced the old UVC installation, which had been in service for over a decade, in the air handling unit of a hospital in the Netherlands.

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Disinfection of Harvest Carts

Bioclimatic has recently launched an innovative kit on the market, specifically designed for disinfecting harvest carts using UVC light. This development represents a significant step forward in the fight against several viruses.

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Project: Hygienic Water Storage

This customer manufactures high-end cooling elements for refrigerated transport. In the production process, water is used that is buffered in two tanks. The microbiological quality of this water is very important.

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Schoendesinfectie met UVC

Disinfecting shoe bottoms is crucial to prevent the spread of microbiological contamination. Especially in pharmaceutical and other high-care facilities where operators, visitors and other staff can spread micro-organisms over floors.

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UVpro FMT Flange module for tank disinfection

Air and surfaces inside liquid tanks in the food production or pharma industry can be a potential source of germs. A simple but effective way to reduce the risk of contamination from germs inside the tank is to disinfect the tank headspace using UV technology.

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Kanaalstuk UVC

For an international industrial company, we supplied a complete airduct system equipped with UVC light for air disinfection.

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