Stay informed of all developments and possibilities regarding UVC disinfection and ionization.

Knowlegde: The importance of transmission value for water disinfection

Water and other liquids can be disinfected with UVC light. To choose a UVC system with the right capacity (lamp power), it is important to know the transmission value of the water or of the liquid.

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Knowlegde: Using UVC light for an airstream or coil in an air handling unit

UVC disinfection is a good and proven solution to improve air hygiene. The effectiveness of UVC light itself has been scientifically proven in many situations. The challenge is to use these laboratory results for a system that works in practice.

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Knowlegde: Preventing mould growth in proofers in two steps

Proofers are susceptible to mould growth due to the wet environment and temperatures. Preventing excessive mould growth can take a lot of time and effort. We use two disinfection technologies to prevent mould in air handling units for proofers in industrial bakeries.

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New: Ionisation integrated in suspended ceilings

Cleaning the air is a hot topic as a result of potential air-borne spreading of viruses. Ionisation is one of the options to clean the air from harmful pathogens including viruses.

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Knowlegde: Options to combat COVID-19 with UVC light

The COVID-19 virus has a global impact on life and businesses. UVC disinfection can play a role in reducing risks of spreading the virus.

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Knowlegde: Prevent Listeria in production environments

Preventing and controlling listeria in food processing environments can be a challenge. UVC can be a tool to help reduce microbiological growth including listeria. Specifically companies working in the field of ready-to-eat products can benefit from implementing UVC technology. 

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