UVC light as an alternative to gamma radiation

Hygiene is of great importance when propagating plant material in vitro. For example, for the air, but the pre-formed cultivation trays or pots must also be as clean as possible.

UVC light for safe material transfer into high-care environments

In situations where raw materials or tools have to enter a high-care environment, a disinfection step is desired and sometimes required.

The importance of transmission value for water disinfection

Water and other liquids can be disinfected with UVC light. To choose a UVC system with the right capacity (lamp power), it is important to know the transmission value of the water or of the liquid.

Using UVC light for an airstream or coil in an air handling unit

UVC disinfection is a good and proven solution to improve air hygiene. The effectiveness of UVC light itself has been scientifically proven in many situations. The challenge is to use these laboratory results for a system that works in practice.

Preventing mould growth in proofers in two steps

Proofers are susceptible to mould growth due to the wet environment and temperatures. Preventing excessive mould growth can take a lot of time and effort. We use two disinfection technologies to prevent mould in air handling units for proofers in industrial bakeries.

Ionisation integrated in suspended ceilings

Cleaning the air is a hot topic as a result of potential air-borne spreading of viruses. Ionisation is one of the options to clean the air from harmful pathogens including viruses.