Van Remmen UVC flow-through systems

Reliable disinfection

The most reliable way to disinfect water is by using a flow-through system. Depening on the situation we can suggest the right unit for you. We deliver Van Remmen systems, the most sustainable UVC watersystems manufacturer in Europe. 


Validated series

The Validated series was developed to ascertainably reliably disinfect water with a transmittance between 80% and 99%. This system is can be used for the potable water market, the processing industry, shipping, utility building, and installation engineering.


By performing a validation according to the NEN-EN 14897 standards, the disinfection achievements of Validated systems are measured and guaranteed.

Depending on transmittance, volumes of 0.6m3/h up to 148m3/h, can be treated with a UV-C dosage of 300J/m2.


General characteristics
– Reliable and effective disinfection
– Low maintenance
– Easy to use
– Energy efficient
– Low-pressure lamps with a long lifespan and high UV-C efficiency


Specific characteristics
– Validation according to NEN-EN 14897
– KIWA ATA assay-mark