UVC water disinfection

Proven, effective disinfection without chemicals

The advantages of UVC light


  • Also works on bacteria that are chemically resistant
  • Pure water without flavour additives
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low operating cost

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Water disinfection with UVC light

Some situations may call for disinfecting tap water, for instance if the water has to travel long distances in a factory, or if it's collected in a break tank or used as a product additive.

UVC light is able to disinfect water, air, and surfaces. Microorganisms such as legionella are rendered harmless without the need for chemicals. Odour, colour, and taste remain unchanged, as does the water composition itself. UVC light also works to combat microorganisms that are resistant to chlorine, antibiotics, or organic biocides.

UVC flow-through water disinfection units

UVC immersion water disinfection units

Prevent biofilm in process water

Cooling towers and water buffers or tanks with process water area ideal breeding grounds for microorganisms. Biofilm (slime) quickly forms under water and can cause major problems for connected pipes and water quality.


Bioclimatic can help prevent biofilm in your buffer tank by installing immersion UVC units. The bacteria-killing UVC light shines on both the water and the walls of your tank, preventing the slimy layer of biofilm. It's a sustainable alternative mixing chemicals


How does UVC light work?

Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation just outside the part of the light spectrum visible to the human eye.


The short-wave, energy-rich UVC rays are absorbed by certain parts of the DNA, resulting in a photochemical change. This change affects the DNA and prevents microorganisms from reproducing, causing them to die.


UVC is ideal for combating all kinds of microorganisms. Small organisms such as bacteria and viruses can be killed easily with low doses. Moulds and yeasts require higher doses.


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