Belt disinfection unit

UVpro BDM 2018 HD

UVpro BDM 2018 HD units are ideal for reliable disinfection of small band conveyors in the food industry and have a validated high efficiency of disinfection. Due to their ruggedness, the units can remain on the belt during cleaning. IFS and HACCP conform. Including non-corrosive PTFE reflector.


  • easy installation; also in existing systems
  • extremely rugged and waterproof design (IP 69K)
  • avoids cross-contamination
  • easy to clean due to hygienic design


Maximum conveyor length: 10m, including return

Available in 5 widths:


Type Consumed power Max. conveyor width:
BDM 2018-25 14 watt 250mm
BDM 2018-40 20 watt 400mm
BDM 2018-60 30 watt 600mm
BDM 2018-80 40 watt 800mm
BDM 2018-100 60 watt 1.000mm