RIAM UVC module

Stainless steel UVC module with 2 or 4 300 watt Amalgam UVC lamps.

Suitable for effective disinfection in short time. The hygienic design closed housing is equipped with efficient reflector and temperature controlled automatic ventilation. The UVC treatment can be integrated in various factory environments.

Key advantages:


  • Very high UVC output: only a few seconds needed for effective disinfection
  • No heat on the disinfected surface
  • No chemicals needed
  • Reliable with continuous lamp monitoring
  • Quick start up (120 seconds) and switching off immediately
  • Lamp lifetime of 12.000 hours for lowest operational costs



Technical aspects

The system is closed, the required airstream for lamp cooling is separated from the products. The module is closed on the product side with FEP foil (HACCP) or with quartz glass.

Technical data

2 Lamps

4 Lamps


RVS316L (housing), aluminium (reflector), Quartzglass or FEP foil (window at product side)


230v, 16A

Consumed power

650 watt

1300 watt

Control cabinet

RVS, Rittal


24v volt free contact (start/stop)

Fault monitoring

24v volt free contact

Weight [kg]

21 kg

26 kg

Dimensions [l x b x h, mm]

1310 x 260 x 100 mm

1310 x 360 x 100 mm

Window dimensions [l x b, mm]

1045 x 160 mm

1045 x 280 mm

UVC intensity average over the full length of the module

20mm distance [mWatt/cm2]



140mm distance [mWatt/cm2]



170mm distance [mWatt/cm2]



In can on 140mm distance [mWatt/cm2]



In can on 170mm distance [mWatt/cm2]






  • Hygienic design control cabinet
  • Hour counter with external maintenance volt free contact