Replacement UVC lamps

Bioclimatic stocks a large number of replacement UVC lamps for professional applications. Contact us for advice, delivery times and pricing.

At Bioclimatic, we excel in UVC technology and consistently maintain a vast inventory of UVC lamps readily available. Moreover, many of our lamps are also Foodsafe (HACCP, IFS, FDA) certified.

Experts in UVC technology

Fast delivery and large assortment in stock

Long-lasting lamps

Many lamps are also available as Foodsafe.

Types of UVC lamps

We have a large assortment of UVC lamps in stock. Can't find your lamp? Feel free to contact us for our full range of options.

Van Remmen 151801

Van Remmen 121101

Van Remmen 155001

Van Remmen 158001

Van Remmen 121202

Van Remmen 121203

Van Remmen 121206

Van Remmen 121280

Van Remmen 123251

Van Remmen 410425

Van Remmen 410525

Van Remmen 410526

Van Remmen 410928

Van Remmen 410930

Van Remmen 411034

Van Remmen 411080

Van Remmen 411301

Van Remmen 411650

Aqua easy POOL UV 10

Aqua easy POOL UV 15

Aqua easy POOL UV 20

Aqua easy POOL UV 30






Atlas UV RL-12

Atlas UV RL-22

Atlas UV RL-41

Atlas UV RL-57

Atlas UV RL-79

The T8 UVC lamps are equipped with a HACCP food-safe sleeve that allows more than 90% of the UVC light to pass through.

UVC TUV 15W T8 incl. FEP sleeve (Foodsafe, HACCP), 437 mm

UVC TUV 30W T8 incl. FEP sleeve (Foodsafe, HACCP), 890 mm

UVC TUV 36W T8 incl. FEP sleeve (Foodsafe, HACCP), 1195 mm

11 138-L32
Novira long life 200 watt
04737 / 02
Beeckman 04737 / 02
Vitalite 500


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