Engineering & Components UVC systems

Because standard solutions might not always be the best.

Your process is our starting point

You might have a special, one of a kind process with its own design, dimensions and (hygienic) standard. A UVC disinfection installation must integrate seamlessly. From a mechanical, electrical and user point of view.


We can support you with:

  • A plug & play disinfection system that fits your factory. Such as UV treatment with a pass through box, a tunnel, or other standalone system.
  • A system that integrates with your machine, such as a frame with UVC lamps or separate components for a filling line, packaging line, or other processing machine.

Safety is a top priority

Sometimes you need to confirm that your UVC system is working properly, for instance before an (external) audit. UVC radiation is measurable with the right equipment, and we can help you with that.


We offer validation services on site:

  • To show that your UVC system is safe to work with for operators,
  • To prove that the UVC dose that is delivered is according to specification,
  • To help you with making improvements if necessary.

UVC components for OEM applications

If you build machines, cold stores, production lines, air handling equipment or other industrial and want to integrate UVC disinfection: we can support you along the way.


We have a large range of UVC lamps and other required parts like cables, sensors, ballast units. The right combination of materials results in a unique machine with the best disinfection results. We can advise you and your end customer for the most optimal solution.