Coil disinfection

Prevent air contamination via evaporator coils

An evaporator is a cold and humid environment, so in some situations it can be contaminated with micro-organisms. Cold-loving bacteria such as Listeria survive well in this cold and moist environment.. In time, a biofilm of bacteria will form in the drip tray and on the fins of the evaporator. When there is a high concentration of moulds and yeasts in the air, we also see that evaporators become mouldy.

 Coil disinfection with UVC

The solution: UVC disinfection

Building UVC lamps into an evaporator, radiating the coil prevents the growth of microorganisms in evaporator coils. Moulds, yeast and bacteria do not get a chance to develop. This means a clean coil, a hygienic dripping pan and less risk of air contamination.

The advantages:

  • Prevents air contamination (including Listeria in Aerosols)
  • Improves hygiene in your cold store
  • Works 24/7

UVC units for coil disinfection

How UVC light works

How does UVC light work?

Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation just outside the part of the light spectrum visible to the human eye.


The short-wave, energy-rich UVC rays are absorbed by certain parts of the DNA, resulting in a photochemical change. This change affects the DNA and prevents microorganisms from reproducing, causing them to die.


UVC is ideal for combating all kinds of microorganisms. Small organisms such as bacteria and viruses can be killed easily with low doses. Moulds and yeasts require higher doses.

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