Converts indoor air contaminated with pollutants

The VIROXX E150 ++ converts indoor air contaminated with pollutants, microorganisms and unpleasant odours into healthy, active and odourless indoor air.

The innovative Viroxx technology convinces with its unique technology of air purification. The perfect combination of pre-filtration, photochemical degermination, catalytic oxidation, high-performance microfiltration and bipolar ionization creates pleasant and hygienic air conditions.


In addition to the possibility of manual basic device adjustment and device control, an integrated air quality sensor takes over the fine control of the device performance depending on the real indoor air loads. Targeted, reliable disinfection and air conditioning with VIROXX E150 ++ reduces the risk of uncontrolled contagion risks and ensures noticeably better and healthier air indoors.


Suitable for spaces from 150 m3 – 250 m3.


Ideal for:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Treatment rooms
  • Veterinary clinics
  • High-care environments
  • Laboratories


Prefiltration, catalytic oxidation, high performance microfiltration and bipolar ionization reinforce each other in this combination.


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