Air Cleaner Q

Ionisation unit for suspended ceilings

The Air Cleaner Q is designed and build in Germany and cleans the air with ionisation technology. The system can be mounted directly into an (existing) suspended ceiling and works fully automatic.


How does ionisation work?

In nature ions are found in abundance, it is a natural way of cleaning the air.

  • Along the ionization tube, oxygen from the air is charged to form ions.
  • The ions are attracted to airborne particles like dust, smoke, VOC’s, allergens and other air pollutants.
  • The ions latch onto and neutralize any contaminants they come to contact with.
  • Charged particles are drawn together, forming clusters, which become heavy enough to drop out of the air. Odours and VOC’s are broken down


  • Improves hygiene by removing bacteria, viruses and mould spores
  • Works against odours
  • Refreshes the air and creates a neutral environment
  • Very low energy use