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Conveyor belt disinfection

UVC light works well against known pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, EHEC and Campylobacter.

Leading food manufacturers have integrated UVC lights in their conveying systems and test show that microorganism levels remain low during the day up to 5Log. It improves product quality and can reduce the number of cleaning stops. 

Coil disinfection

An evaporator is a cold and humid environment, so in some situations it can be contaminated with micro-organisms. Cold-loving bacteria such as Listeria survive well in this cold and moist environment. In time, a biofilm of bacteria will form in the drip tray and on the fins of the evaporator. When there is a high concentration of moulds and yeasts in the air, we also see that evaporators become mouldy.

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Bioclimatic OEM

Engineering & OEM

You might have a special, one of a kind process with its own design, dimensions and (hygienic) standard. A UVC disinfection installation must integrate seamlessly. From a mechanical, electrical and user point of view.

We can support you with:

  • A plug & play disinfection system that fits your factory. Such as UV treatment with a pass through box, a tunnel, or other standalone system.
  • A system that integrates with your machine, such as a frame with UVC lamps or separate components for a filling line, packaging line, or other processing machine.