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Water disinfection with UVC light

Water disinfection

In some industries clean water is essential. We can help with high quality water disinfection systems suitable for your production process.

Water treatment with UVC light is reliable and chemical-free. The light with a wavelength of 253 nm teats the water and deactivates the microorganisms.

The benefits of UVC light

  • Also works against bacteria which are chemically resistant
  • Pure water without flavoring
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low operational costs

Prevent biofilm in processwater

Cooling towers or buffer tanks with water can provide ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms. Biofilm (slime) grows quickly under water and can cause problems in downstream pipes and reduce waterquality.
We can help preventing biofilm in your tank(s) by installing immersion UVC units. UVC light prevents microbiological growth both in the water and on the walls of your tank. A sustainable alternative for chemicals and low maintenance.

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How does UVC radiation work?

Ultraviolet is electromagnetic radiation, just outside that part of the light spectrum that is visible to the human eye.
The short-waved and energetic UVC radiation is absorbed by certain parts of the DNA which causes a photochemical change. This change affects the DNA and ensures that the microorganisms can not reproduce and die. UVC works an all microorganisms.

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