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Disinfection tunnels

A new standard for all-round disinfection

UVC disinfection tunnel

The solution for automated disinfection of incoming goods, raw materials or tools. Very suitable for transporting materials and products from a low-care to a high-care zone. The system uses sustainable UVC light without chemicals, an effective method agains all bacteria, yeasts and moulds. A UVC tunnel disinfects the outside of materials all around and is much more reliable than traditional disinfection methods. Depending on the design and the microbiological demands of the customer a log 6 reduction (99,9999%) on various bacteria is possible. The UVC dose ideal for your situation is determined in advance and is validated after delivery.


Disinfection all around

Dry process

No resistance development of bacteria

Easy cleaning with warm water

Inside of tunnel remains cool

Log 4 on E. Coli, Log 6+ on Listeria possible

Hygienic transport system removable without tools

How does UVC radiation work?

Ultraviolet is electromagnetic radiation, just outside that part of the light spectrum that is visible to the human eye.
The short-waved and energetic UVC radiation is absorbed by certain parts of the DNA which causes a photochemical change. This change affects the DNA and ensures that the microorganisms can not reproduce and die. UVC works an all microorganisms.

Read more about how UVC light works


  • Food
  • Raw materials in bags or boxes
  • Packaging, like:
    • Yogurt cups
    • Cans
    • Covers
  • Production materials, like;
    • Crates

The design

Our standard UVC tunnel has a modular design and can be optimized to suit the customers needs in terms of product capacity and disinfection rate.

A tunnel with a UVC dose of 30 mJ/cm2 would result in the below disinfection rates:

E. Coli
D90 dose (mW/cm2)
Log 30, >99,999………%
Log 8, >99,999999%
Log 5, >99,999%
Log 10, >99,99999999%
Log 10, >99,99999999%

More information

Pre-engineering testing

To allow quality- and process managers to experience the benefits of this disinfection method, we developed a UVC test tunnel at our premises in The Netherlands. Our customers are invited to validate with their own laboratory which UVC dose they require for sufficient disinfection results for their specific situation.

The length of the tunnel is 1200mm, heigth 400mm and width 410 mm. Speed of the belt is adjustable from 1 to 20 meters per minute. By performing bacteriological tests the effectivity of a specific UVC dose can be determined.
Testing takes about half a day and includes an introduction to UVC technology and a full report on al performed test runs. (We charge a set fee)

Contact us about pre-engineering testing

Videos and photos of disinfection tunnels


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