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Biofilm control

Biofilm control prevents damage on pipes, tanks and cooling towers

Problems with biofilm?

Prevent biofilm sustainable with UVC light

Biofilm can cause problems

Biofilm can grow on every surface that comes into contact with moisture and in every process that uses water. Biofilm occurs in pipes, tanks and cooling towers. It can even grow in airfilters and ventilation ducts.

The presence of biofilm carries risks. Pathogens like Legionella pneumophila locate there and multiply quickly. Aerobe sulphate reducing bacteria produce sulfuric acid and damage metal pipes, tanks and reservoirs. When pipes clog because of the growing biofilm, less water can flow through them. Besides the microbiological risks, pumps must work harder causing rising energy costs.

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How to prevent biofilm

The development of biofilm can be prevented with UVC disinfection. Whether it is about pipes, tanks or cooling towers, we have a customised solution for every biofilm problem.

Biofilm control in watertanks
By installing a UVC lamp that radiates around in the centre of the tank, you can prevent the growth of microorganisms on tank walls. We will calculate the required light intensity for you.

Biofilm control in pipes
A UVC water disinfection flow system can prevents the development of biofilm in pipes with flowing water. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. A flow unit does not remove existing biofilm.

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How does UVC radiation work?

Ultraviolet is electromagnetic radiation, just outside that part of the light spectrum that is visible to the human eye.
The short-waved and energetic UVC radiation is absorbed by certain parts of the DNA which causes a photochemical change. This change affects the DNA and ensures that the microorganisms can not reproduce and die. UVC works an all microorganisms.

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