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Air disinfection

Clean air for a hygienic working environment

The importance of clean air

When processing of sensitive products like food a conditioned climate is important. Air-borne microorganisms can harm your products. Air quality should be part of your quality system.

Modern technologies: improve your product quality and reduce environmental impact

In conventional air treatment filters are used which do not always protect against microorganisms. In the filter bacteria, viruses and moulds can multiply extremely fast, especially when humidity is high or if filters are not replaced in time.
Our technology based on ionization and UVC en can prevent microbiological pollution in the air. Our alternatives are more sustainable than their conventional predecessors and often easy to integrate, as stand-alone or in an existing air treatment system.

The key benefits:

  • Drastically improve air hygiene
  • Sustainable because it can reduce energy use
  • Reduces risks of contamination


  • Food production
  • Cheese storage
  • Laboratories
  • Vertical farming
  • Storage of fresh flowers or plants


We use both bipolar ionization and UVC light for air disinfection. We are happy to explain how these technologies work.

Installing an UVC lamp in an evaporator prevents bacteria from multiplying. It prevents the growth of biofilm and ensures the passing air from being contaminated. UVC light damages DNA of microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying.

Bipolar ionization
Ionization is adding energy (electricity) to air. Inside our devices the air is treated as if under the influence of a purifying thunderstorm. Charged ions – activated oxygen – bind the contaminants in the space where you breathe – just as nature does. Activated oxygen initiates an oxidation process, which chemically alters the odor molecules and germs. New harmless substances are formed. Activated oxygen damages the cell structure of mold spores as well as bacteria, so that they become inactive. The activated air acts as a natural cleaning agent in the room and restores and re-balances indoor air in closed environments.

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