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belt disinfection
Belt disinfection

A hygienic belt prevents cross contamination. By installing a UVC unit under your belt, the number of microorganisms will significantly decrease. Chemical disinfectants are less needed and the number of production stops for cleaning can be reduced.

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Biofilm control

Biofilm can grow on every surface that comes into contact with moisture and in every process that uses water. The presence of Biofilm causes risks of a micobiological outbreak. Prevent the formation of biofilm with UVC disinfection.

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Combat moulds in proofing equipment

UVC radiation is an effective solution to prevent mould in dough cups in proofers. UVC light kills moulds and prevents them from spreading. UVC light can help reduce costs and improve product quality.

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Disinfection tunnels

Using a UVC-tunnel for disinfection is a sustainable way to disinfect your incoming materials, products or tools. Bioclimatic builds customised UVC disinfection tunnels for both the foodsector and pharmaceutical industry.

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Air disinfection

Processing sensitive products like food or young plantmaterial requires a conditioned climate. Pure and infection free air prevents contamination and preserves your good reputation.

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Evaporator disinfection

Contaminated evaporator can actively spread bacteria in your facilities. The concept of UV-disinfection for the evaporator is simple; by mounting a UVC unit in an evaporator the growth and spread of microorganisms in the system will be stopped.

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Water disinfection

Water is important in many production processes. Besides traditional filtering it can be useful to disinfect water, we do that with sustainable UVC light.

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