• Sector: Sierteelt
  • Oplossingen: Luchtdesinfectie, Oppervlaktedesinfectie
  • Techniek: UVC

Vitro Plus specialises in the selection, propagation, and breeding of ferns. Vitro Plus is an innovative company that believes in working sustainably. For example, culture trays are cleaned after use and filled with a sterile medium. Vitro Plus then seals the trays and puts them into storage. When the trays are reopened, there is a real risk of contamination. Vitro Plus was looking for an environmentally friendly technique to keep that from happening.




UVC light that kills all fungi

Bioclimatic developed a UVC drawer disinfection unit – a drawer cabinet containing highly concentrated UVC light that kills all fungi within 30 seconds. Vitroplus also uses UVC light at various points in the process to prevent air contamination.






"We worked with Bioclimatic to develop a steriliser that provides an even better guarantee for our process. In addition to being a reliable supplier for standard disinfection equipment, Bioclimatic has also proven to be a partner for Vitro Plus that is just as open to new ideas and developments as Vitro Plus."

- Mr. Stoutjesdijk, Director of Operations

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