• Sector: Voedingsmiddelen
  • Oplossingen: Luchtdesinfectie
  • Techniek: Ionisatie

Remijn Cheese in Kerkdriel is known for their "Stompetoren" cheese warehouse where hundreds of tons of cheese are ripened using traditional methods. The process of ripening is a compartmentalized one, and temperature and humidity in the warehouse are extremely important.



UVC air ionisation for Remijn Cheese

For years, ionised air has been blown into the warehouse to break down moulds and bacteria. The air ducts are spotless, the warehouse is mould free, and the cheeses are top quality, which is a major success for Remijn Cheese.


During the annual maintenance at the Remijn Cheese ionisation plant, the maintenance engineers noticed that the air ducts in the older part of the plant that grew along with the company were also spotlessly clean, even though they have been in use for more than ten years.





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