• Sector: Voedingsmiddelen
  • Oplossingen: Banddesinfectie
  • Techniek: UVC


Johma is the largest, best-known salad producer in the Netherlands. They use UVC disinfection technology in their factory to eliminate bacteria with maximum safety and as few chemical agents as possible. This technology helps maintain a hygienic production environment and is in line with Johma's progressive CSR policy.



Effective UVC surface disinfection

At Johma, conveyor belts are disinfected using UVC light, and weekly microbial measurements prove that it works very well. Bacteria do not get a chance to grow on the belts and infect products.





"Bioclimatic's UVC equipment is reliable and helps us to keep the process sustainable and safe. The test results are always good."

 - Mr. Tasselaar, operations manager

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