• Sector: Industrie
  • Oplossingen: Waterdesinfectie
  • Techniek: UVC

Barbas Bellfires

Barbas Bellfires is a Dutch manufacturer that has been manufacturing top quality wood and gas stoves since 1976. The company develops and produces stoves in its own factory in Bladel. What is unique is that each stove is custom made. The entire production process from sheet steel to working stove can be tracked digitally. To make this happen, the factory has to run like a well-oiled machine.






UVC disinfection as a guarantee for the coating process

Bioclimatic provided UVC lights for Barbas Bellfires' washing stations to guarantee the quality of the lacquering process. The lacquer on the stoves has to be resistant to very high temperatures. To guarantee good lacquer adhesion, the stoves are first put through an alkaline degreasing process and cleaned at the washing station. In 2012, bacterial growth was found on the walls and other metal parts in the rinsing areas of the washing station. Barbas Bellfires couldn’t get the problem under control chemically. To eliminate the contamination risk, Bioclimatic recommended installing UVC fittings at the nebulisers in the washing stations and in the rinse basins. The quality of the water is checked on a weekly basis. Bacterial growth is now completely under control. It's a sustainable solution that aligns with Barbas Bellfires' philosophy.




"Using chemicals didn't work well. The bacteria was temporarily eradicated, but kept coming back faster and faster due to resistance. Since we started using the UVC fittings, the biofilm on the walls has been gone for good. This saves us a lot of cleaning time each year, at least €5,000 in chemicals and labour. We also have to mix about €100 fewer chemicals per month."

- Mr. Gevers (Technical Service Manager)



The entire UVC installation cost around €6,000, which was recouped within a year. On average, the annual costs for bulb replacement amounts to around €850.



"The most important thing for us is the quality of the lacquer on the stoves. We cannot run the risk of the washing stations not working properly. That risk has now been definitively eliminated. We haven't worried about it for years and that continuity gives us a lot of peace of mind."
- Mr. Spijkers (production manager)

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