The COVID-19 virus has a global impact on life and businesses. UVC disinfection can play a role in reducing risks of spreading the virus.

Know the difference betweew UV and UVC lamps
Bioclimatic is specialised in UVC disinfection systems using lamps that give most of their output around the 254nm range which is the most lethal range for micro-organisms. UVB and UVA do not have a disinfecting effect so take care when selecting the right lamp for the right application, read more about UVC disinfection.

UVC is not suitable to disinfect skin or people

Systems that allow human skin or eyes to be exposed to UVC light are not safe and should not be used for disinfection purposes. Humans should be shielded from UVC radiation.


Does UVC work against Covid-19 / Coronavirus?

Yes it does. Like bacteria and other virusses the COVID-19 virus is susceptible to low levels of UVC radiation. For each application the required treatment time differs as circumstances can be different. Distance, temperature and lamp intensity should be taken into account to find the required disinfection time.  

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Can you stop the spread of Covid-19 with UVC light?

The risk of spread via contact surfaces and air can be reduced with UVC light. The most common solutions are:




Is UVC light safe?

Systems using UVC light can be safe if designed properly and used by professionals. People and animals should never be exposed to UVC light. In most cases it is required to build UVC lamps into a closed housing, alternatively electronic (swithing) measures can be taken.


Can you disinfect floors and tables with UVC light?

Yes installing UVC lamps to the ceiling is a common solution used in laboratories. for this we recommend the UVpro WDO device


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