UVC disinfection can be the right choice to disinfect materials and tools before entering a production area. There are two good options: a UVC hygiene sluice or a UVC tunnel. 

In more and more industries a disinfectionstep is implemented between common zones and high-care zones. This prevents micro-organisms in production rooms. For people many different disinfection solutions are available, for materials UVC can be a good solution. We distinguish two good options.

UVC desinfectie doorgeefsluis of hygiënesluis1. A UVC material hygiene sluice Also called airlock or pass through box.

A system that is manually operated for each item, an operator places an item in the sluice from the lowest classified side. After the disinfection process is finished (typically 30 seconds to 2 minutes) another operator on the cleaner side can take out the item.


This solution can be configured with interlock functionality, treatment times for different items and logging and error signalling. 


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2. A UVC disinfection tunnel

UV tunnels are used to automatically disinfect large volumes of items. A well designed tunnel has a 360 degree disinfection system taking into account the transportation method. A mesh belt is the most simple solution but is not advisable as it will cast shades on the bottom surface of items. It can be used to disinfect boxes, tools, sausages, bags, etcetera. Treatment times vary from 10 seconds to 30 seconds per item.  We design and build custom UVC tunnels, we do not have a standard device available.


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