In a recent project, we replaced the old UVC installation, which had been in service for over a decade, in the air handling unit of a hospital in the Netherlands.

This renewal was part of a broader renovation project of the air handling unit, focusing on ensuring operational reliability.


The air handling unit, equipped with a heat recovery wheel, is now outfitted with new UVC fixtures and UVC lamps at selected locations. This adjustment ensures that bacterial growth is completely prevented and that all air flowing through the unit is effectively disinfected. As a result, resistant hospital bacteria are effectively combated, which is crucial for the health and safety within the hospital environment.


For the installation of the new UVC fixtures, from the brand UVpro, specially designed stainless steel frames were used. This construction not only guarantees a safe and solid mounting but also facilitates the maintenance and durability of the system. Moreover, each lamp is equipped with a monitoring system that immediately detects any malfunctions, thereby ensuring the continuity of air disinfection.


With this upgrade, the air handling unit is once again equipped with a state-of-the-art solution for air disinfection in this critical environment.


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