Disinfecting shoe bottoms is crucial to prevent the spread of microbiological contamination. Especially in pharmaceutical and other high-care facilities where operators, visitors and other staff can spread micro-organisms over floors.


To address this challenge Bioclimatic introduces a shoe disinfection station with UVC LED technology that disinfects shoe soles in only 15 seconds. Operators can use the device when moving from one room to another or after breaks.


The UVC shoe disinfection station is a quick and effective method to eliminate bacteria and viruses from footwear. The process is dry and therefore will leave no residue on the soles.


The device is designed for people to stand on and the process takes about 15 seconds for the most common found bacteria.


  • >99,9% on a large group of bacteria
  • Designed and built for industrial use
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Easy to use for operators (green indicator lamp when disinfection is completed)


Technical specifications shoe sole disinfection station:


Dimensions 550 x 700 x 1.350mm (w x d x h)
Material Stainless Steel 340L
Wavelength 265nm
Disinfection time 15s for 34 mJ/cm2 @265nm


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