During the 2020 pandemic, we developed an automated tray disinfection machine in collaboration with the Dutch company Havatec and the French company DETEKT'IN. The trays used on airports at customs checkpoints can be automatically unstacked, disinfected with UVC light and stacked.


The need for disinfection

UVC light not only works against viruses but also against bacteria, and this is necessary, according to research by The University of Nottingham and the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland. They examined frequently touched surfaces at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland, such as banisters, escalators and elevator buttons.


Traces of viruses were found on 10% of these surfaces. And what turned out? Most traces of this were on the plastic security trays. In fact, they carried more germs than the airport toilets. In particular, traces of the rhinovirus (the source of the common cold) and the flu virus were frequently found on these trays.


Technical data

UV Dose: 20 – 60 mJ/cm2

Capacity: 600 bins per hour

Dimensions: 4.010 x 937 x 1.395mm


Airport trays 1Airport trays 2Airport trays 3