UVC light is an effective, low temperature, chemical free disinfection method. For situations where the UV treatment has to be done in little time, Bioclimatic introduces the RIAM UVC module.

The system is equipped with two or four Amalgam UVC lamps of 300 watts and delivers high intensity UVC light at 254nm with optimized cooling and a unique reflector design. The high output and small form factor allow the module to be integrated in existing lines.

Very suitable for the dairy-, specialised food- and infant food industry.


Suitable for:

  • Disinfection of cans
  • UV Treatment of bigbags
  • Buckets, lids and seals
  • Bags and other smooth surface packaging


Key advantages:

  • Very high UVC output: only a few seconds needed for effective disinfection
  • No heat on the disinfected surface
  • No chemicals needed
  • Reliable with continuous lamp monitoring
  • Quick start up (120 seconds) and switching off immediately
  • Lamp lifetime of 12.000 hours for lowest operational costs


Example calculation for disinfection of cans:

  • Can 127x163mm
  • Volume: 240 pcs/minute - beltspeed 30,5 m/minute


Dose with one module: 20mJ/cm2
Dose with two modules in series: 40 mJ/cm2


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