Cleaning the air is a hot topic as a result of potential air-borne spreading of viruses. Ionisation is one of the options to clean the air from harmful pathogens including viruses.

Bioclimatic introduces a new system based on bi-polar ionisation: Air Cleaner Q




The proven bi-polar ionisation technology has several advantages:

  • Low operational costs (HEPA filters and UVC lamps have a shorter lifetime)
  • Works against odours
  • Very low energy use

Because ionisation also neutralises odours we specifically recommend this device for dressing rooms or canteens of production companies.

The devices work according to a process found in nature: air purification by air ionisation. Neutral oxygen molecules are negatively and positively charged by the "Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD)" using a special ionization tube. Oxygen clusters are formed, which due to their high energy potential have the property of neutralizing bacteria and odour molecules.

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