Process water in industry

Prevent bacterial growth with UVC light

UVC disinfection for process water

Companies that produce on an industrial scale may encounter a range of microbial challenges. Mains water used for production may contain bacteria that shortens the shelf life or affects the product. When it comes to cooling or process water, biofilm in pipes and tanks can lead to additional cleaning and maintenance.


Combating microbiology with UVC

Combating microbiology with chemicals is costly, labour-intensive and can make bacteria resistant.


UVC light can be used in water to disinfect running water to extend the shelf life of end products, or in water reservoirs and break tanks to prevent biofilm from accumulating.

The advantages of UVC technology

  • Low operating costs

  • Contributes to sustainability goals

  • Bacteria does not build up resistance


Can be used in:

  • Spray shops
  • Paint factories (prevent bacterial growth in water-based paints)
  • Cooling towers
  • Break tanks
  • Buffer barrels

Use case

We work dozens of industrial companies in industries like cosmetics and paint, helping them combat microbiology with UVC technology.


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