Maritime sector

UVC disinfection for ships, vessels and platforms

Ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection for HVAC

If an existing HVAC system recirculates air there is a risk of germs and viruses spreading through the air channels. Disinfecting the recirculating air with UVC light can be a solution to prevent the spread of airborne diseases.


In many cases existing HVAC systems can be equipped with a UVC section (also known as a UV filter). Delivering the right dose of UVC light inactivates viruses and bacteria and creates a safe air for passengers and staff.


We use simulation software to recommend the right lamp type and installation for your application

Disinfection of drinking water with UV-light

Safe and reliable drinking water is crucial for personnel, contractors and guests aboard any vessel. UVC disinfection is a method to ensure safe drinking water. A dose of 400J/m2 is required to ensure deactivation of pathogens. We recommend and deliver validated (KIWA and NIPH certified) systems from Van Remmen for disinfecting drinking water.


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