Maritime sector

UVC disinfection for ships, vessels and platforms

Provision Cooling: Improve hygiene and extend the shelf life of food products

The use of UVC disinfection for air in provision cooling offers advantages for the safety and shelf life of food on board.

1.UVC light effectively combats microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, leading to longer food shelf life and reduced food waste.

2.A hygienic storage space for provisions significantly lowers the risk of food poisoning and contamination on board.

We can determine the most suitable device for your cold room based on its dimensions; the volume in cubic meters determines the choice of the correct unit.


Ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection for HVAC

If an existing HVAC system recirculates air there is a risk of germs and viruses spreading through the air channels. Disinfecting the recirculating air with UVC light can be a solution to prevent the spread of airborne diseases.


In many cases existing HVAC systems can be equipped with a UVC section (also known as a UV filter). Delivering the right dose of UVC light inactivates viruses and bacteria and creates a safe air for passengers and staff.


We use simulation software to recommend the right lamp type and installation for your application

Disinfection of drinking water with UV-light

Safe and reliable drinking water is crucial for personnel, contractors and guests aboard any vessel. UVC disinfection is a method to ensure safe drinking water. A dose of 400J/m2 is required to ensure deactivation of pathogens. We recommend and deliver validated (KIWA and NIPH certified) systems from Van Remmen for disinfecting drinking water.


Engineering & OEM

Do you have a unique process that requires a custom UVC disinfection solution?

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  • For perfect integration with your production line
  • Meeting hygienic, international or company specific standards

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