Industrial bakeries

Innovating for quality improvement and cost savings

UVC disinfection for industrial bakeries

Industrial bakeries, the focus is largely on automated processes. Bioclimatic provides solutions to help increase quality and reduce costs.


A wide range of bakeries here and around the world use our UVC technology to combat fungi such as black mould. Combating fungi in the air, on proofer cups, and on peel boards leads to quality gains and cost savings.


Intermediate proofer disinfection with UVC light

UVC light is an effective way to prevent mould on proofer cups in the intermediate proofer. The light kills any moulds, preventing them from affecting the dough.


Installing a UVC unit is often quite simple. The light fixtures can be installed modularly and are equipped with a plug. It's a cost-effective way to improve dough quality and reduce failures.


The advantages of disinfecting proofer cups:

  • Less cleaning costs

  • Less frequent replacement of proofer cups

  • Less dough loss

Peel board disinfection with UVC light

By keeping black mould from forming on peel boards, you can reduce cleaning costs. By placing a series of UVC bulbs above the peel boards, at wherever you choose in the process, you can prevent black mould from forming, improving dough quality and reducing cleaning frequency.


The amount of UVC required to eliminate 90% of black mould in one pass  is 111 mJ/cm². We calculate the exact capacity required for your process.


Water: a fundamental resource

Water is an essential part of your bread recipe. Unfortunately, clean, pure water is not always available, which is why it can be important to disinfect water in addition to filtering it. Of course, the taste and smell of the water should not change, and your disinfection method should always keep the environment in mind. By placing sustainable UVC light in a flow-through pipe from 0.5 m³/h or in a reservoir with stagnant water, you can eliminate harmful microorganisms and improve the quality of your products in responsible, cost-efficient way.

Disinfection for the baking industry


Veenhuis Bakery

"With Bioclimatic, we can guarantee high-quality products, and thanks to the UVC bulbs, we've achieved significant cost savings. We don't have to clean as often or replace the bulbs as often, and they last a long time. In total, we've saved around €8,000 a year by doing it this way."

How does UVC light work?

Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation just outside the part of the light spectrum visible to the human eye.


The short-wave, energy-rich UVC rays are absorbed by certain parts of the DNA, resulting in a photochemical change. This change affects the DNA and prevents microorganisms from reproducing, causing them to die.


UVC is ideal for combating all kinds of microorganisms. Small organisms such as bacteria and viruses can be killed easily with low doses. Moulds and yeasts require higher doses.