High-care environments

The possibilities of dry disinfection with UVC

UVC can be a valuable tool in sectors with extremely high demands on production processes, like the pharmaceutical industry and production for milk powders or specialist food. It disinfects up to log5 and the process can be validated.


Examples of applications are walkway disinfection in gowning rooms or corridors, disinfecting powder bags in a lock or tunnel, and disinfecting cans or lids on a conveyor belt.


Automated disinfection

Incoming materials may bring in microbial contaminants from outside and need to be disinfected before entering the production facility.


Entry disinfection can be done with a UVC disinfection tunnel or lock between low and high-care zones, for instance.


Whether you choose a tunnel with automatic transport or a lock depends on the volume and type of material. The process is automated and can be validated at set times, so disinfection is always reliable.


The advantages of an automated process with UVC:

  • Dry disinfection

  • Sustainable process with no chemicals

  • Bacteria do not build up resistance

  • Suitable for a wide range of materials

Reference Dopharma

Dopharma was founded in 1969 as an independent Dutch family-owned veterinary pharmaceutical company. For more than 40 years, in addition to producing veterinary medicines, they have also conducted research, registration, distribution and marketing in-house. Dopharma uses a custom designed UVC disinfection tunnel.


Hygiene lock

We supply custom active hygienic sluices with UVC disinfection.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Tailored to your application
  • Microbiologically valid

For many microorganisms, we know which UVC dose will cause irreparable damage, and we can use that knowledge to calculate the required intensity and duration.

Engineering & OEM

Do you have a unique process that requires a custom UVC disinfection solution?

Contact us for a tailer made system.

  • For perfect integration with your production line
  • Meeting hygienic, international or company specific standards


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