Dairy industry

UVC disinfection and ionisation for hygienic production

Hygiene and food safety are essential for the dairy industry. Preventing microbiological contamination and thus recalls is a top priority. Fortunately, UVC disinfection and ionisation offer an effective solution for this.

UVC disinfection uses powerful light to combat various fungal species and bacteria. Air ionisation prevents airborne spores that spread mould through storage areas.

With our waterproof and food-safe disinfection equipment, you can concentrate fully on producing high-quality dairy products.

Complete peace of mind for your dairy production factory.

bollenkastdesinfectie uvc licht bakkerij

Clean air for less mould

Cheese ripening takes place in conditioned rooms at a temperature of about 12°C and a relative humidity of 85%. By using air ionisation equipment, harmful micro-organisms, such as mould, are controlled, allowing the cheese to be stored at higher temperatures.

The benefits of ionisation in a cheese warehouse:

  • Reduction of maturation time by as much as 20%
  • Improvement of the product quality
  • Energy savings due to less cooling capacity, thus saving costs
  • Reduction of cleaning, fungicides and maintenance time

Prevent mould on cheese shelves

Wooden cheese shelves are often used for maturing cheese. Mould can settle in and on these shelves, making them difficult to remove. Fortunately, UV light offers an effective solution to greatly reduce mould growth and the amount of chemicals used.

The benefits of UVC disinfection for your cheese boards:

  • Prevents mould growth and spread, keeping your cheese products safe and of high quality
  • In-line treatment of boards possible, making the process more efficient and integrated into your production line
  • Less chemistry and hot water needed, saving you costs and reducing environmental impact
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In-line disinfection of buckets, pails or cups

When filling dairy products, a hygienic cup, bucket or cup is important. Unwanted yeasts, moulds or bacteria shorten the shelf life of products. To prevent this, UVC light is an effective disinfection method. This is because it is deployed just before filling, eliminating the risk of contamination.

The benefits of UVC light disinfection for your dairy packaging:

  • Dry disinfection: i.e. no chemical residue
  • Can be applied in-line
  • Works well against Listeria
  • Affordable and reliable technology

Optimal hygiene in evaporators with UVC light

Evaporators in refrigerated areas in factories create a moist and cold environment, where harmful bacteria such as listeria bacteria can easily settle. Sometimes bacteria even form a biofilm on the fins or in the drip tray of an evaporator.

Fortunately, it is possible to apply UVC light in many evaporators, thanks to built-in solutions or pre-construction frames. This way, the fins and drip tray are continuously treated, 24 hours a day, effectively preventing bacterial growth.

With the application of UVC light, the drip tray remains hygienic and air quality is improved with every air passage. By maintaining a clean evaporator, the risk of spreading bacteria or mould spores is significantly reduced.

Opt for optimum hygiene in your factory by using UVC light in your evaporators. Increase the safety of your dairy products and rely on a reliable and efficient solution.

Optimale hygiëne in verdampers met UVC-licht

Water disinfection in dairy industry

Water plays an essential role in the process of dairy production. In the case of long pipes or buffer water storage, it is critical to take disinfection measures.

This is where our sustainable UVC disinfection solutions come in. By using UVC light in flowing pipes from 0.5 m³/hour or in tanks with standing water, you can effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms. This not only improves the quality of your dairy products, but also does so responsibly and cost-effectively.

Disinfection for the dairy industry

Safety is key

To ensure that your UVC disinfection system is working as intended, regular validation can be required. We can support you with UVC measurements on-site and deliver a clear validation report.

With an on-site validation we can:

  • Do intensity and dose measurements, to show the actual disinfection rate
  • Give recommendations for improvements if possible
  • Check the occupational safety of your installation

Regular validation ensures proper functioning of your installation. It helps meeting requirements from supervisory authorities and auditors.

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case study uvc desinfectie bakkerij

Case study: Remijn Cheese

Remijn Cheese in Kerkdriel is known for their "Stompetoren" cheese warehouse where hundreds of tons of cheese are ripened using traditional methods. The process of ripening is a compartmentalized one, and temperature and humidity in the warehouse are extremely important.

Engineering & OEM

Do you have a unique process that requires a custom UVC disinfection solution?

Contact us for a tailer made system.

  • For perfect integration with your production line
  • Meeting hygienic, international or company specific standards