Engineering & OEM

Tailor-made solutions, based on your wants and needs

Bespoke disinfection system

In situations where a standard fixture won't work, we can develop a fixture specifically for your application, from mounting frame to complete disinfection cabinet or tunnel.


We can design tailor-made systems to fit your process, your needs, and the microbial objective for various industries.


For instance, a disinfection sluice can be built to perfectly fit your company's routing or the dimensions of the materials to be disinfected.

Validation service (UV measurements)

UVC is a validatable technology. Light sensors can measure output at a specific point, proving that the process works and the system has been designed correctly.


We offer on-site validation for new and existing systems.

UVC desinfectie vat


Are you a machine designer and is your customer looking to integrate the disinfection step with UVC light? Then you've come to the right place. We can provide all the necessary components, along with installation advice and, if required, delivery to your customer's site.