Effect of air ionisation

Bi-polar ionisation to restore ion levels in the air

How does ionisation work?

In nature ions are found in abundance. This is a good part of the reason why you usually feel so great in these places and find it difficult to be tired or depressed.

  • Along the ionization tube, oxygen from the air is charged to form ions.
  • The ions are attracted to airborne particles like dust, smoke, VOC’s, allergens and other air pollutants.
  • The ions latch onto and neutralize any contaminants they come to contact with.
  • Charged particles are drawn together, forming clusters, which become heavy enough to drop out of the air. Odors and VOC’s are broken down

How to apply ionisation

This principle of air purification is comparable to this natural phenomenon. Inside our devices the air is treated as if under the influence of a purifying thunderstorm. Charged ions - activated oxygen – bind the contaminants in the space where you breathe – just as nature does.

As part of the ionisation process some ozone will form, that is not a problem as outside under normal circumstances ozone is natural and has an air cleaning effect. It is important to select the right system for the right application, contact us for professional advice.

The advantages

The proportion of ions is highest around moving water (storms, oceans, rivers, waterfalls) – that also explains why we feel so energized and refreshed at the ocean. 

  • Creates a comfortable and hygienic climate
  • Reduces VOCs
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Low operational costs