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A family business that develops equipment for 24/7 disinfection processes

Since 2005, Bioclimatic has been innovating, developing, installing, and maintaining solutions based on air ionization and UVC technology. They offer equipment for air purification, surface disinfection, and water disinfection across various industries.

With expertise in both air ionization and UVC disinfection, they can advise on the appropriate technology for each application. Custom solutions are available if standard devices are not suitable, tailored to specific needs and situations. Bioclimatic, as a family-owned business, values long-term relationships with its customers, ensuring their systems are durable and reliable.

“In many places, manual disinfection is outdated. Our philosophy is that a well-thought-out disinfection or air purification system should work unnoticeably. 24/7 and all year round.”

Bert van Klink, Bioclimatic.

Bioclimatic from then to now


Establishment of Bioclimatic B.V. by Bert van Klink. He takes over the customer base of Bioclimair (a company importing air ionization equipment). The core business is air purification with ionization for the ornamental horticulture and fresh produce sectors.


In addition to ionization, UVC technology becomes the second specialization, starting a collaboration with a Swiss manufacturer of UVC equipment. UVC light is effective not only against bacteria and viruses in the air but also for disinfecting surfaces and water.


Fellow company Circlair Benelux (active in deodorization using plasma technology for large kitchens) goes bankrupt. Bioclimatic takes over the assets and performs service and maintenance for existing installations.


Relocation to Luzernestraat 6, Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands.


Closer cooperation in the field of UVC technology with Orca GmbH, the manufacturer behind UVpro. Bioclimatic has the exclusive distribution rights for the Netherlands and Belgium.


Son Martijn van Klink takes over a part of the shares in the company. Projects with custom-made controls or housings are more frequently accepted.


Mechanical engineering is no longer outsourced but done in-house. In specific situations, a complete machine from Bioclimatic B.V. is now a possibility.


The Corona pandemic turns the market for disinfection equipment upside down. Various competitor companies emerge, and the production chain of components and equipment is severely disrupted. We mainly supply air purification equipment and disinfection cabinets to existing customers.


Custom-made installations have become the core business of the company.

Who is who

Bert van Klink

Specialized in UVC light and air ionization, for customers in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Industries: horticulture, meat & fish, and bakeries.


0252 278080

Martijn van Klink

Specialized in UVC light and air ionization, for customers worldwide.

Industries: high-care environments, maritime, and dairy.


0252 278088

The rest of the team is available for you via the contact form or at +31252 626962

Martijn van Klink en Bert van Klink

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