About us

Bioclimatic specialises in 24/7 sustainable disinfection

Our vision

We specialise in sustainable disinfection for air, water, and surfaces. We help our customers guarantee product quality and safety and reduce production costs. Buyers are more informed than ever, safety and quality are paramount, and manual and chemical disinfection are a thing of the past.


We want to use advanced technology to help make production structurally safer and more sustainable in the Dutch and Belgian food and industrial market.

How it started

Bert van Klink established Bioclimatic in 2005, and most of his customers back then were in the floriculture sector. In 2008, we added UVC disinfection to our list of specialties, in addition to air cleaning using ionisation technology. The expansion was a success and we have since brought on new customers in the food industry and related sectors.


Martijn van Klink then joined the company to help us design, install, and maintain industry-specific solutions throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


As a family business, we are focused on the long-term and want to be a knowledge and innovation partner for our customers.


Our partners:

Bioclimatic GmbH

We are the contact point for ionisation equipment from German manufacturer Bioclimatic GmbH in the Netherlands and Belgium. They have been specialists in air ionisation to tackle bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air since 1978.


We are the exclusive distributor and installer for German brand UVpro in the Netherlands and Belgium. They produce top-tier UVC equipment that includes a wide range of standard fixtures, designed to meet the requirements of the food industry.