Disinfecting air, water, and surfaces in a sustainable manner

Bioclimatic specializes in disinfection equipment for factories, entrepreneurs, and machine manufacturers.

Air purification with ionisation

Remove bacteria from the air, prevent the spread of viruses, and reduce particulate matter in production areas, offices, and/or storage.

Surface disinfection with UVC

Deactivate bacteria, fungi, and viruses on surfaces using UVC light.

Industries in which we are active

Meat and fish industry

Industrial bakeries

High-care environments


Maritime sector

Dairy industry

In 3 steps to a bacteria-free process

Step 1
Current Process

  • We want to understand your current disinfection process. This way, we can offer you the best solution.

Step 2
Custom Solution

  • Designing and implementing a disinfection solution with UVC light or air ionisation that suits your business.

Step 3
24/7 Disinfection

  • Your new disinfection process is ready to start.

Curious how we can make your process bacteria- or fungus-free?

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